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Hi! And welcome! My name is Anita Costa, I am the owner and founder of Unleash Natural Health. My mission is to encourage and empower pet owners to make educated and informed decisions for their animals by teaching the lifestyle philosophy of animal naturopathy. I am dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our companion animals by educating about the laws of health. I have extensive training in species specific nutrition, nutritional supplements, and the safe use of alternative therapies. Contact me to find out how you can achieve optimal health and wellness in your pets. 

Anita Costa

Anita was born in Oregon and raised with her four sisters in the rural farming community of Sherman County. One of her earliest memories is on the back of a horse, and as a child, she loved all animals, her many kitties, horses, 4-H sheep, and every bird, mouse, rabbit, and creature that came across her path. It wasn't until adulthood that Anita's world forever changed by the canine companionship of a pregnant Rottweiler named Mia and her puppies Maggie and Pantera. Man's best friend had stolen her heart permanently.


She began to seek a better path to health and wellness for her animals after the devastating loss of her cherished English Mastiff, Cyrus, in 2013 to cancer and the subsequent heartbreaking death of her young Basset Hound, Max, just two years later to cancer. They inspired her passion for helping animal lovers like herself by providing the answers they too are seeking about the key to health and longevity in their animals. 


Anita has cared for dogs through cancer, arthritis, thunderstorm phobias, old age, leg injuries, behavioral issues, skin tumors, allergies, hospice, breathing problems, and many other challenges. Contact her today for an individualized consultation for your companion pet; she truly wants to see your pets live long happy and healthy lives, just as they deserve. 

The American Council of Animal Naturopathy certifies her as a Small Animal Naturopath. She is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner.